Showdown Hates Showderp!& I Was Banned!

It started in the random battles room when I pleaded justice for showderp and Demotion of Bumbadadum Suddenly I was hourmuted by a room driver and then banned from random battles, I asked why this would happen and bill trinen then locked me for asking to be unbanned IN PMS, they banned me from help tickets to even though I gave my reasons and did no spam or bothering MODS BTFO .

Cool User on Apr 21, 2019

Avengers Endgame Out! Do not talk about it Unless you Want Instant Spoilers

Cool User on Apr 26, 2019

Im Back!

What do you think the new dragon ball anime will be like? I think they will use the person that animated broly

Cool User on May 30, 2019


there is about to be a nintendo direct on pokemon sword and shield after almost a whole 3 months of waiting for anything and a tank of fake leaks NEWS HAS CAME

Cool Useron May 30, 2019

Pewdipie Minecraft Series ending Soon!

The wither has been defeated and pewdiepie has reached most milestones! His minecraft series is on its last episodes and will probably end next week!

Cool User on Aug 9, 2019

A row of tanks.
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