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It started in 46 bc when matt took a minecraft potion that made him immortal and divided el dio into the brothers of jiren, matt then seals el tio who still retains el dio’s mind with kirby robot but he is still able to be summoned if all jirens say the incantation, but they all spread out of the world but now the jahs, evil entities created by el grande padre, have created the tupacian race, in 27 bc Gotenks is made to kill tupaciones, he was made with el grande abuelos genes when el grande abuelo was young, Gotenks murdered multiple tupaciones but he was confronted by a strange person, , the unknown man seals Gotenks by sealing him the hyperbolic time chest, A jail that seals you in it for a very long time, nearly 200 years later, since matt is immortal not a long time, he found a wife and they had a child named…. DORA , Dora reads a scroll in her dad’s room about the ptolemaic war and how jiren betrayed rome, she realizes donald trump is a reincarnation of donald trump from the ancient prophecy “ग्रे सुनहरे चमकदार बालों के आदमी के रूप में वापस आ जाएगा और दो ईगल्स को अलग कर देगा” she rushed to her dad matt and urged matt that donald trump was the reincarnated jiren the gray, Matt had long forgot the prophecy and was surprised dora had found the scroll, matt then tells dora to go to america to assasinate donald trump and his minion, Tupac, Dora explores until she reaches America, Bertram is a friendly man that hates black people but not mexican, Bertram adopts dora as his daughter

Game Files: Ideas : battle pass , Diablo title, Sans Realm, Dora gives you max powers Name, Tupac name blows up the house, The name Diablo turns off all electronics in house, Mafia as name will send the mexican mafia to your house and recruit you as one of them, ( Mafia V.I.P Points, Illegal Drugs, Tu Bucks, as currency) Background has Bertram and Mrs. Kipling pull up and reenact the death of tupac , matt is dora's dad, Gotenks murders most of the tupaciones, Gotenks is revived to kill tupac but he’s already dead so they resurrect tupac just to torture him, minecraft potions give you power, if you die and continue using Vbh (virtual border hopper points) points you will hear brief footsteps and a default will come res u but then the default will default dance and take the le epic L and die/leave the game. If you go into sans realm as Gotenks then sans tupac comes and tries to kill you

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